House Plays

Well I'm up early and have time to waste.... SO TIME TO WRITE A BLOG ENTRY!!! :D

Last night was House Plays.
House plays is an event my school hosts that the yr 11's organize, and is basically a dance off between the colour houses.
Year 11 come up with an overall theme that everyone has to follow [eg: Lost in, Imagine if, ect.] and then from that each colour house chooses a specific theme [eg: Lost in space, imagine if toys came to life]
Each grade then does a section of the theme as a dance [eg: yr7 aliens, yr 8 astronauts ect]
and then a panel of teachers judge the overall winner.

Because yr 12 doesn't get to participate most of us just went along to cheer for our colours :D
[Too bad blue won TT_TT]

But it was a really nice night, and the school has increased the budget for it from $50 per yeargroup which really showed in the costuming!

My colour got disqualified for having the word "fuck" in one of their songs and for their dances being too raunchy xD

There also seems to be a trend now, in which yr 9s are dressed as oompa loompas, because of the irony that they are already orange from fake tan xD

I wish I had some pics to share with you all, but unfortunately they were pretty strict about photos, they want us to buy them from the photographer they pay to take the official photos TT_TT


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This event is really interesting!!! we had nothing like it at my school lolll


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