Hospo Assessment

So today was my hospo prac exam!
OMG SO STRESSFUL!! They moved us from the commercial kitchen into the junior kitchen and no one knew where anything was because we NEVER use that kitchen TTwTT, and the stoves are way too weak in there so that kiddies don't get hurt *dies* just boiling milk took for ever!! At least in the end everything turned out okay :D
As part of the exam we had to take pictures, so I thought I'd put some up here :3


Cooling the pastry~~ about to add eggs :3

Finishing the custard :P


My awesome toffee making skillz xD


and finally my baby tower of deliciousness :3
The teacher accidentally burnt a whole tray of our pastry so we had a much smaller tower to everyone else, at least it was her fault so we didn't lose any marks :D

Our toffee, teamwork and profiterolls were marked best out of everyone, though our presentation was the worst because we ran out of time >.>;;

But everyone elses toffee was burnt to the hell, and their pastry didn't rise, so we made up for our lack of pretty xDb


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