Back among the living~

Hi everyonee~~~!! Guess who's back from the dead!? :P

It's been too long since I updated this blog, sorry~~

At the moment I only have 2 more exams left for Trails, one tomorrow and one on Monday, both of which are Italian, so funtimes because I don't have to study :D

I convinced my parents to let me go to SMASH last Saturday under the compromise that I finish some past papers and show them before going; which was pretty reasonable and which I did, only to arrive at town hall at 12.15 and see this:rawr
was a bit upset but what can you do? Lucky for me Rhirhi came out to meet me and her wristband was uber loose, so she let me borrow it and go in and say hi to everyone :D

Spent the rest of the day frolicking with Richie and Rose, waving at randoms, having my sanity questioned, the usual really :P

Also as of next week there will be SEVEN PEOPLE living in my house... SEVEN!! *dies*
Should be... ehmm an eventful household I guess??
I have no clue what my parents are thinking having all these people move in ROFL, hopefully they'll all stay quiet so that I can study for HSC TT_TT

Well I think that's all...
It was great seeing friends at smash~ and hopefully I'll make it to Main Animania, though at this rate probably not TT_TT


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Hiiii~~ I'm Madee~

Umm, I'm weird & silly, and love anything creative :3

I don't really know what to write here haahahaha~

Thanks for stopping by my blog~ <3

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