epic weekend was epic


Sorta kinda really neglected this blog for a while ahaha whoops >.>;;

So! This long weekend I did soooo much O_o srsly omg how did I fit it all in and still get my work done I will never know!

Friday went to my friend's 18th, twas pretty meh, hardly knew most ppl there, and the ppl I knew I'm not really friends with, so was actually really boring xD

Saturday went to city with school friends for the first time in OVER 6 MONTHS. lol me and my school friends are so unorganized xD;;
Went to galaxy world, capitol, food and then clothes shopping. I bought some awesome shoes *A* so pwetty~~
unfortunately no photos though =<

Sunday went to yum cha and laser tag with cosplay/con friends for Lauren's birthday :D
yum cha was yummy but the food took FOREVER to arrive, and laser tag was just awesome, many lulz were had while waiting for the session xD

Sunday night had brothers friends and other school friends over to watch the soccer~
We all knew Germany would win v_v

So tired now, gonna go colapse~ <3

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I don't really know what to write here haahahaha~

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