Yes I am indeed alive!!!

I got back from schoolies on saturday and needed a few days to recover XD

Went to Hawksnest (near Nelson Bay) for a week with my 5 besties from school, which was awesome. We had a beach house that was literally, 10m from the beach.
Much kite flying and sand castle fun was had.

(along with other more typical schoolies fun hehehe)

<3 should have a few photos up soon


To celebrate finishing hsc, I dyed my hair bright red. I glow in the sunlight now :D

Not much has really been going on, I'm going to start making sample deserts for christmas so will probably put some photos up soon of my creations :)

Also been shopping HEAPS recently, kinda neglected to do so for the past year, so it was technically necessary =3
Got some smexy boots *A*

Starting to really miss all my Library buddies though TT_TT


Finished school


with that I have now finished highschooooooollll~~~~~~ I wont say school forever because I plan on going to uni ahahaha

So now that i'm free and doing things i'll have more time to waste on the interwebs and time to spend sewing and cooking :3


Busy busy!~~~

YOOOOO long time no see?? xD /shot (slightly long/image heavy blog today~)

Weeelll I'm now halfway through my exams and thought I should post up a blog to tell everyone that I am still alive!! (A little stressed and very very tired, but still alive ;P)

Been spending pretty much every day at the Library with the LC crew "studying", everyone looks so dead and tired at the library, and it's ALWAYS packed with people (in photo we're sitting at kiddy section)
@KG @Michy
(also plz note that I am doing work, see the past paper on lappytoppy?? OTL;;)
@michy @seb lol clearly getting plenty of work done xD

umm also slightly less recently was muck up day (If you don't know it's the last day of school ever for us and we're pretty much allowed to go crazy)
here's a photo I took of rhirhi xD
isn't as interesting as I would hope, we had already cleaned up all the streamers and decoration around the school by the time I took this photo TT_TT

Ummmmm not much else has been going on due to exams.
So far i've done english p1 & p2, italian written and speaking, italian ext speaking and hospitality~ only 4 more to go!! [har har har] I finish on the 29th at least, so will be able to post more (in general on dA and whatnot too) after that date! =)

Shout out to Kate G for being awesome and because she told me to~~ :3

<33 Cherry~ =P

Disappearing Act

Just a quick blog to tell everyone that I wont be around very much at all over the next 3 weeks, as I'll be hsc studying.

Wish me luck!! <33


Hiiii~~ I'm Madee~

Umm, I'm weird & silly, and love anything creative :3

I don't really know what to write here haahahaha~

Thanks for stopping by my blog~ <3

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